Sunday, December 14, 2014


    I've always had problems with getting my priorities straight. I'm constantly putting people and trivial things before my relationship with God. At first it doesn't seem like a big deal because I'm happy for a while and everything seems fine but after some time I realize that the happiness doesn't last and that these things that I've made my first priority are temporary and unrewarding. I've learned the hard way that anything that I build without God as the foundation is going to fall apart. So now I'm making my relationship with God my first priority and I know that if I live my life for Christ he will create something meaningful through me. It's not going to be easy to keep this up and I know that but life isn't about taking the easy way out, it's about creating something meaningful that will make an impact and living selfishly and letting my priorities stay out of whack will never lead to anything meaningful.  

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